Birthday Party/Private Use Information

Making parties easy and fun

Socks are required for adults and children 

Private use/birthday parties are
closed to the public

 Parties can be booked:

-anytime on Monday or Tuesday

-one hour after close Wed, Thurs or Friday

-Saturday 1-3 or 4-6 (1-3 slot needs to fill before 4-6 can fill for staffing)

-Sunday 10-12, 1-3, 4-6

- if you do not see your preferred weekday date and time available
please message me, only weekends are listed on the booking tab.

Set up/decorating can be done 20 mins prior to the start time
If you need additional time please consider adding on an extra hour (30 mins prior for set up and 30 mins extra play time).  

We have 4 tables with 4 chairs at each table for a total of 16 chairs.

Additionally 5 counter height stools are available.

We provide  mini waters, gold fish crackers and cake plates (sky blue or red). 

You are welcome to decorate but know the kids typically do not spend a ton of time at the tables.

begins at the END of your 2 hours of play. We handle the clean up. Once presents, extra cake and any additional items are removed staff will clean the facility including tables and floor. Due to turn over (if another party is starting directly after yours) we ask that you exit the facility no more than 20 mins after your scheduled end time.

You are welcome to bring in food and drinks. Easy food clean up is highly recommended (example pizza). If your food choice require more than 20 mins for set up and more than  20 mins for clean up, please consider adding on an additional hour. 

There is a 8’ buffet table available to set out food and cake. 
Cooler for drinks is allowed.

Refrigerator and freezer available.

Candles are allowed. The best part of birthday!

Lighter is available. 

Tip: Due to potential spreading of germs some parents bring a cupcake for this or cut a slice of cake and use slice for the candle blowing tradition. 

SMASH CAKES are not allowed during parties as they add significant clean up time, please save this fun tradition for home. Thank you. 

Food must remain at the tables and hands must be wiped before returning to the play area...please and thank you.

Parties are unstructured. It is the responsibility of the host to time manage:  cake serving, food serving, gifts, etc..
Please announce 10 min prior to end time so guest have time to start gathering up their children and shoes. 
If you chose to structure the party where you’ll serve food or cake then return back to the play area, HANDS MUST BE CLEAN (wet wipes available or hands washed in restroom sinks).
Please and thank you.

It is the responsibility to supervise and manage the party guest
to avoid injury and damage to toys/equipment.

Older children over 6 invited as party guest, they are more than
welcome to join in activities that are appropriate for their size.

Older children are not allowed to climb on the toddler foam climbers,
these are intended for age 2 and under.

Cars are only intended for children under 6 due to weight restrictions.

Children are not allowed to jump from the ship or climb to the top platform of the tower.

Host, you are responsible for asking the children to play respectfully with the toys. Throwing, slamming or jumping on toys is not allowed. Please correct this behavior during your party.  

.....please treat the facility as your own home

There are two parking spots in the front of the building under the black & white awning.
Additional parking is available:
-along the street
- in front & behind the senior complex
-no parking on the side of the senior complex where signs are posted
 Temporarily parking is available in the parking lot next to tan building across
the street until it is sold

Regular price: $249 ( 2 full hours of play + 20 mins set up and 20 mins for take down)  

$60 Non Refundable Deposit Required (dates can not be held until deposit is received)
Parties can be rescheduled due to illness 
You’ll receive a confirmation that the deposit was received
I will  follow up a few days prior to the party date just to
make sure there are no immediate changes with your party.

Once you arrive for your party,
staff will help with set up and go over a few things. 

Payment remainder is due at the end of the party.   
Additional Hour(s) $50/hour  (billed in hour increments)

Add on:
Cake server $2
Candles $2
Socks $2

If you do not see the date and time you’d like, please message me.
Currently only weekends are available days are on the booking tab. .  

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