socks required

for children and adults


114 Division Street East

Buffalo, MN


Maple Grove - Coming Soon





Wed Jan 13th

normal hours 10-2

Always check our Facebook page for early closings or private facility use


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Our sick child policy is always in effect. Please do not bring ill children into our facility. Keep them at home until symptom free for a full 48 hours. Our play park will be here for them to play once they are completely healthy. You compromise  family vacations, work schedules, special events, classrooms, etc.. when you do not allow your child to recover from their illness isolated at home.

Please contact me through email, Facebook or phone if you have any questions, comments or concerns.

We are not accepting free passes or discount passes at this time. Thank you for understanding the impact Covid has had on us. 


Welcome to Imagination Play Parks designed for children eight and under. Your child will be delighted as they walk through the front door to a small world developed just for their imaginaiton. 


Monday           Closed

Tuesday          Closed

Wednesday     10-2

Thursday          10-2

Friday               10-2

Saturday           10-2

Sunday             Closed

Ways to Play

  • $9+ tax children ages 3-8

  • $5+ tax children ages 2 and under

  •  Under 18 months free with paid $9 sibling admission, one per family 

  • Military Discount $1 each child can not be combined with other discounts

  • Parents and Caregivers are always FREE

  • Parties & Private Rental (daycares, mom groups, learning pods, MOPS, baby showers)  - see additional information

Punch Cards

  • $80+ tax

  • 10 punches

  • Can share, one punch per child

  • Parents and Caregivers are always FREE

Birthday Party/Private Use Information

Socks are required for adults and children 

Private use/birthday parties are closed to the public

 Parties can be booked anytime during closed days and anytime after 3pm on open days

Tables are set up in a long row with seating for 10. If additional seating is needed, tables can be set up individually with seating up to 16 (four tables with four chairs per table). Please specify how you would like the tables arranged.

Additionally 5 counter height stools are available.

We provide 10 mini waters, gold fish crackers, cake plates (sky blue or red) and small cluster of matching balloons. 

You are welcome to decorate but know the kids typically do not spend a ton of time at the tables.

Set up/decorating can be done 15 mins prior to the start time If you need additional time please let me know ahead of time.  

Clean up begins at the END of your 2 hours. Once presents, extra cake and any additional brought in items are removed I will clean tables and floor. 

You are welcome to bring in food. There is a 8’ buffet table available to set out food and cake. Food must remain at the tables and hands must be clean before entering the play area. Please and thank you.

Parties are unstructured. It is the responsibility of the host to time manage:  cake serving, food serving, gifts, etc..


NOTE: If you chose to structure the party where you’ll serve food or cake then return back to the play area, HANDS MUST BE CLEAN (wet wipes or hand washed).  

OLDER CHILDREN over 8 invited as party guest, they are more than welcome to join in activities that are appropriate for their size. Cars are only intended for children under 8. No climbing to the very top of the pirate tower or jumping from it. 


There are two parking spots in the front of the building under the black & white awning. Additional parking is available along the street, in front & behind the senior complex just not on the side of the complex where signs are posted.


Regular price: $160 ( 2 hours)  

Additional Hour $40 (billed in hour increments)

Please message for available days and times. Allow for one hour in between parties for clean up.  Set up can be done 15 mins prior. If more set up time is needed, please let me know.

Clean up begins at the end of the 2 hours. Actual play time is 2 hours. Additional hour can be added. 

Birthday parties, POD groups, Mom groups, MOP groups, Baby shower, Daycares

Booked Parties


1/24 Sunday 11-1pm Kimberly H

1/31 Sunday 10-12 Christa M

1/31 Sunday 1-3 Maddie L 


2/6 Saturday 3:30-5:30 Chelsea

2/7 Sunday 1-4 Ashley

2/13 Saturday 4-6 Kylie

Food & Drink Policy

Our use of the tables for eating are complimentary, please clean up after yourself...table & floor 

Disinfecting wipes and hand broom are provided. 

Feel free to bring snacks or lunch. We ask that you thoroughly clean up your table and floor once finished. . 

No food is allowed in the play area. Helps keep everything clean and sticky free.

Parties are not allowed during open play. 

Tables are limited and we can not have them held while not being used. 

Parent drinks with lids and sippy cups are allowed in the play area.

Café Menu




Food must be kept at the front table seating with the exception of parent drinks with lids and sippy cups.

Parent Supervision

Parents/Caregivers must remain in the facility at all times.


Parents/Caregivers must supervise their child at all times.


We provide tables for food and drink but children must continue to be supervised from this area located at the front of the facility.

Parents/Caregivers please enforce hand washing practices after your child uses the restroom 

Shoes + Socks + Strollers + Restrooms

We are a NO shoe facility. Shoes must be removed in the front lobby. Shoe benches are available for your convenience. 

Socks are required by everyone including parents and caregivers.


Due to the size of our facility we do not allow strollers. If you are coming with multiple little ones, please let the front desk know so we can accommodate. 


We have 2 restrooms.

The restroom door in the play area is often closed to keep babies out..please just knock. Please DO NOT change stinky diapers in this restroom, they stink up the entire play area.

The restroom in the front lobby is intended for changing stinky diapers. Changing table, disposable pad covers and bags to tie up stink diapers are provided. 

Play Policies


We want everybody to enjoy their experience at Imagination Play Parks 

Children are not allowed to climb to the very top of the pirate ship  tower or climb over the surrounding walls. 

Children must play with the toys as intended (s’mores sticks are not to be used as fighting swords, etc..) 

Older children, over 8, are not allowed to sit on the cars, the cars have weight restrictions

We reserve the right to ask children being physically abusive to our equipment or to other children to leave.  

Parents/Caregivers are responsible for supervising their child at all times to ensure these policies are enforced.


Rules apply during parties and private use

Standard Sick Policy

Child must be fever free for a full 24 hours without the aid of any fever reducing substance.

Child showing or having any one of the following signs within the last 24 hours will not be allowed to enter.

Fever, sore throat, green nose discharge, rash, vomiting, diarrhea, ear ache, swollen glands, coughing that started within 48 hours, tight chest

Open sores, scratching of body or scalp, bumps on hands or feet, bumps on body


Be smart and keep your child home if ill. Thank you from all of us.

Policy will be strictly enforced for the safety of all our guest and employees.